BMW Climate Control Repair
3-Series ~ E36 (92-99)

Professional Service, Very Fast Turn Around

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BMW E36 Digital Climate Control Repair

Did your climate control just stop for no reason and seems to have a mind of it's own?

Do you have a 3-Series BMW and have these Symptoms?
  • Does it manifest itself in other ways then your used to?
  • Does it flicker on and off by it self and work intermittently?
  • Does it appear to be off and the A/C somehow remains on?
  • Is your display very faint?
  • Do the buttons not work at all and very often the "selected" light for a button is lit up but pressing it does nothing?
  • Did you try to push every button and combination of buttons a thousand times and nothing works?

Well, you're not alone! It's a common problem on the BMW E36!!

The E36 is ALL 3-Series BMWs built between 1992 & 1999"
Part Number 64 11 8 379 521

I did some research and the cheapest new unit you will find is at "Bavarian Autosport" for $630.95 with a $200 Core.  Now as far as BMW, they quoted us $576.20 for the part and who knows what to install it! 

How does it work?
It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1...Just pop your HVAC Unit out.........It Super Easy!

    • You can slide your radio out (there is a small Allen key behind the doors on either end of the radio).  Push your finger down behind your HVAC unit and push it forward with your finger.  It's So Easy, Go Try it now!!!

    • You can also pop your unit out by sliding your On Board Computer out from the bottom.  Then just push your finger up behind your unit and push it forward with your finger.

If your a little skiddish about pulling it out yourself, just go to your local stereo installation center and pull around the back to ask one of the guys to pull your radio for you.  They can have it out in less then a minute....poke your finger behind the HVAC and Presto it's out....

Note: For a little comfort, just disable the HVAC Blower Motor buy pulling the fuse.  By default, the Heat is set on HIGH, this will elevate the heat blowing on your feet.

2...Send it to us.

We will REPAIR it and SEND it BACK to you the following business day. Super Fast!

What GUARANTEE do I offer?

 1 Year Guarantee on all work that is done on the unit.

How Much does it COST?

Only $49.95 + Return Shipping

The following payment methods are accepted:

    • Paypal (Preferred, Verified address, Warranty look-up, Etc)
    • Credit Card
    • Money Order
    • Certified Check

Shipping options back to you:

    • $8.50 2-3 USPS Day Priority

    • $24.95 USPS Express Mail


I also have refurbished units and an Exchange Program

(Contact me to check availability)

  • Refurbished units: $239 + Shipping 

  • Exchange Program: $199 (We send you a unit, you install it, then send us your old one back.  Once the core is recieved you will get credited $40)

We will also buy your old unit(s) for $30!! 

We only require that it is OEM Original

**We Have E36 & E46 Climate controls in stock also, Call for details...

Thank you,
Michael Runnalls
WeBe Autos Ltd.
433 Williams Way N.
Calverton, NY 11933


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